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All of Clark's Furniture Serta beds feature the next generation of the industry's best comfort feature, Advanced Comfort Quilt. And, it's comfort with peace of mind because Serta's new FireBlocker system is seamlessly integrated into the Comfort Quilt design.

The benefits of Advanced Comfort Quilt include:

  1. Rolling peaks of convoluted foam and fluffy fibers provide gentle cushioning for the body. Five zones of convoluted foam provide better comfort and support where the body needs them most.

  2. The combination of convoluted foam and fiber disperses weight and helps to improve circulation in the shoulders, arms, and hips.

  3. Better circulation in these critical pressure areas means less tossing and turning for a more restful...comfortable... night's sleep.

The FireBlocker system is an advanced safety system located among the outer layers of the mattress and box spring, and contains no harmful chemicals. A precise blend of natural and synthetic fibers, FireBlocker isolates the impact of a fire and blocks its spread into the mattress. In fact, Serta mattresses with FireBlocker meet, and in many cases exceed, the 2005 California open-flame resistance standards.

Only Serta offers the edge support of an advanced, dovetail interlocking foam encasement design in select Perfect Sleeper models. Like when you lock your fingers together, this durable design provides lasting strength without glues or adhesives.

Serta's unique foam encasement offers these benefits:

  1. Extends the sleeping surface all the way to the edge, helping to eliminate edge "roll-off."
  2. Increases seating edge support. With its exclusive corner locking system, Serta's foam encasement provides years of durable edge support.
  3. Working on conjunction with the foundation, this new foam encasement system helps tor reduce side-to-side mattress movement and minimizes the impace of one sleeper's movements on another.


The human body curves from head to foot, with areas that need proper support while we sleep. Serta's Continuous Support Innerspring contours to the body, providing correct and balanced support to the entire body.

Three benefits are unique to the Continuous Support Innerspring:

  1. Rows of continuous wire coils run from head-to-toe, providing support along the entire length of the body.
  2. Serta's continuous coils provide balanced support to the body, rather than forcing the body to conform to the mattress. This helps maintain natural spinal alignment.
  3. Because the coil rows run head-to-toe, they respond to each sleeper individually and help reduce the effects of one partner's movements on another.

New to Perfect Sleeper this year, the StabL-Base Triple Beam foundation provides consistent support across the bottom of the mattress and lasting durability to the entire sleep set.

The StabL-Base Fundation offers these important benefits:

  1. The unique V-shaped construction of the support structure isolates the impact of one sleep partner's movements on another.
  2. Serta's exclusive design dramatically reduces mattress sway. The foundation and foam encasement provide stable support from the edges, reducing side sway.
  3. Serta's patented Triple Beam design delivers durability and strength from the bottom up.

Serta's Triple Beam frame is more than twice as strong as traditional wood frames for lasting durability.

This exclusive innerspring design is the most advanced available in the world today. Zones of single and double rows of coils mirror the shape of the body, allowing the bed to conform to and support the body, rather than forcing the body to conform to the bed. This dynamic design provides the correct support the body needs to maintain proper spinal alignment.

The specially-designed FreeFlex coil also helps to reduce the effects of one sleeper's movements on another. Each coil can respond to pressure without affecting adjacent coils, isolating one partner's movements and allowing the other to sleep uninterrupted.

Engineered to provide durability to the entire sleep set, extra support, and unparalleled strength, the Quad Beam box spring stands alone among luxury box springs.

Shock-absorbing steel elements in the center of the box spring transfer wear and tear away from the mattress, while durable steel support elements along the perimeter offer added edge support. Under it all, the patented Quad Beam frame offers more than twice the strength of traditional wood frames.

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