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Clark's Private Label
Our full line of bedding is manufactured by Eastman House bedding company exclusively for Clark's Furniture. Eastman House has been in business for 137 years, and we have been carrying Eastman House beds at Clark's Furniture for over 50 years with outstanding results! We have experience with the most recognizable brand names in bedding, and we guarantee that you will not find a better value anywhere!

Up to 20 Years Non-Prorated Warranty
Because of the superior features offered in the Clark's Private Label line of bedding, we are able to offer warranties unparalleled in the industry.
Visco Elastic Foam (3161 bytes)

Visco Elastic Foam
Features slow, gradual recovery from compression and superior conformation. This "memory foam" reduces body pressure better than traditional mattresses and promotes more comfort and better circulation.

Quiltflex comfort (3497 bytes)Quiltflex™
Offers comfort comparable to the highest grades of fiber combined with far greater durability that preserves that premium comfort for years. It resists body impressions to provide total satisfaction.

Multi-Zone Foam
Specially designed convoluted foam comfort layers contain multipleMulti-Zone Foam (5936 bytes) "posturized comfort zones" which work with the innerspring unit to ensure each part of the body receives individual support.

Most durable seating edge... (5278 bytes)Most Durable Seating Edge Ever
These "foam encased mattresses" expand the usable side-to-side sleeping area by providing stability around the perimeter of the bed. This reduces disturbance from sleeping partners and allows you to sleep right up to the edge of the bed with all the support you need.

Coil-On-Coil - SIGMA™ Box SpringsPosturized Durability Zones (7958 bytes)
Coil-On-Coil SIGMA Box Springs (8486 bytes)The box springs are made with patent protected heat tempered coils, providing a durable flexible foundation. Therefore, the mattress and box spring work together, dividing the workload, offering extraordinary surface comfort combined with deep-down support. This flexible box spring also features multiple "posturized durability zones," with additional coils providing extra durability in the vital center third of the box spring. This coil-on-coil action allows us to offer a non-prorated warranty on all products using the SIGMA "Flexible" box spring.

Comparison Proves It!
Built to give you a better quality sleep...
night after night, year after year.

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